Dear big dog parents,

Does this photo look familiar to you?

Well, those of you who put on a knowing smile will completely understand. Big dogs need bigger love; they need more care and resources due to their size and energy levels. But the love is not easy, and shopping for your big furry babies can be very challenging. Most of the time, the largest coat you can find, is still too snug on your barrel-chested pup. You find that you must sacrifice function, comfort, and even fashion to find something that fits.

This photo sums up our shared experience. Yes, you see it correctly, it’s a trash bag, – the best raincoat alternative we can find for our dog. Whose size is within the normal range for the Golden Retriever breed. We've tried different products from cheap Amazon basics to expensive Esty customizations, but they all failed to meet our expectations. The sizes were off, and the materials were scratchy and not 100% waterproof. What is more frustrating is that some of the designs didn't make sense for big dogs! Rainy days always made us anxious (check our Puddle Jumper Raincoats to see how we fixed all these problems and made it even better).

We never found a great product for our girl

>Cheap and thick fabric: our girl froze and wouldn't move

>Sleeveless raincoat: soaked and muddy belly and legs every time

There are reasons behind this annoying shopping experience. Due to low demand, some brands don't focus on developing big dog products. And when it comes to big dogs, we are talking about higher-standard materials and special designs that have higher costs and lower profit margins in other words. Most brands choose to make a "plus size" version of their generic design to save costs. By doing that, they can cover sizes from Chihuahuas to Great Danes yet still be profitable. This lack of specificity doesn't do us any good, as parents of big dogs, as our big-hearted babies need extra care. They need something customed to their characteristics.

Then we started to make outfits for our girl

From where we got the chance to do better in every detail

We at WOOFESSENTIAL are here to help you and your pup by filling the gap in big dog needs. And this is how we do it:

🐾 At WOOFESSENTIAL we dedicate ourselves to creating products only for big dogs. Our catalog won't be large, but we tailor each of the products to the needs of big dogs.

🐾 We deep-dive into market research and come up with reasonable designs. And we always rank functionality and comfort over popularity or trends. We will reject flawed designs no matter how popular they are.

🐾 We use human-grade materials to meet higher standards for big dogs. Your pup can enjoy the same level of comfort that you would expect for yourself.

🐾 Our products are tested and proven by real dog parents. We also take their suggestions for making improvements as needed. What's more, we are dog parents ourselves, so all your concerns are very familiar to us.

🐾 We would never compromise when it comes to dog fashion. No more boring plain colors! Only cool prints that are designed by artists.

🐾 There's one more thing: WOOFESSENTIAL is building a community for big dog parents who want to make life with their pups easier and happier. We value your suggestions and ideas and will turn them into the right products for you and your babies. Please join us!

Now, it’s time to stop wasting time and money on aimless shopping and to stop putting your old clothes on your dog! Join WOOFESSENTIAL to upgrade your pup's wardrobe and show them how much you care. Give your big furry babies the bigger love they deserve!


Big Love,


Kiki and Paul