Snow Warrior Suit

Waterproof, Windproof, Warm, Max Protection

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Chilly Day Essential

Brave the Elements with the Winter Warrior's All-Weather Protection.

Color – Oasis
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  • Loved by Outdoor Enthusiasts: A go-to suit for big dog owners who love outdoor adventures, even in the most challenging weather.
  • Ideal for Extreme Conditions: Designed to handle severe cold, wet, and windy conditions, the Winter Warrior keeps your dog warm and protected.
  • Advanced Fabric Technology: Crafted with high-tech, laminated multilayer fabric for ultimate weather protection without compromising on comfort.
  • Perfect Fit for Activity: Its full-body design offers comprehensive coverage while allowing your dog to move freely and comfortably.
  • Easy Maintenance: Despite its advanced features, the Winter Warrior Suit is easy to care for, with machine-washable fabric that stands up to tough weather.
  • Free Exchange & Hassle-Free Returns.
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Laminated three-layer fabric:

Inner layer: microfleece

Middle layer: TPU coating

Outer layer: 50D polyester

Surface treatment: non-PFC DWR finish

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold;

Do not bleach;

Tumble dry low;

Do not iron;

Do not dry clean

Your Dog’s Armor Against Harsh Conditions

Want to keep your dog safe and warm in severe cold and wet conditions? The Winter Warrior Suit is the answer.

Great for:

  • Dogs are regularly exposed to extreme cold, snow, and rain.
  • Active pets who enjoy outdoor adventures, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Breeds are prone to feeling the chill, requiring extra warmth and protection.
  • Senior dogs or those with health issues need additional care in harsh weather.
  • Owners who prioritize their pet’s comfort and safety during outdoor activities.

Why Choose Us

  • ‣ Multilayered Weather Shield

  • ‣ Big Dog Fit

  • ‣ Full-Body Coverage

  • ‣ Comfort in Motion

Feature: Premium quality with a microfleece inner layer, waterproof and breathable TPU middle, and durable outer layer with DWR treatment.

Benefit: Provides comprehensive protection from extreme cold, wind, and heavy snow, keeping your dog warm and dry.

Feature: Specially designed for larger breeds with high adjustability, adjustable at the head, neck, waist, legs, and back.

Benefit: Ensures a comfortable, custom fit for different body types.

Feature: Designed to cover the belly and legs for maximum protection.

Benefit: Keeps vital areas dry and warm, offering comfort and protection against wet and muddy conditions.

Feature: Laminated with soft microfleece interior, super cozy and non-bulky.

Benefit: Provides warmth and comfort, allowing free movement.

More Reasons To Love

  • ‣ Reflective Trims

  • ‣ Leash Portal

  • ‣ Waterproof Zipper with Fur Guard

  • ‣ Machine Washable

Feature: Includes reflective elements for enhanced visibility in low light.

Benefit: Increases safety for your dog during early morning or evening walks.

Feature: Convenient leash opening for easy access to collar or harness.

Benefit: Allows for hassle-free leash attachment without removing the raincoat.

Feature: Easy-to-use waterproof back zipper, designed to prevent fur snagging.

Benefit: Simplifies the process of putting on and taking off the coat, ensuring your dog's comfort.

Feature: Easy-care fabric that's fully machine washable.

Benefit: Convenient maintenance, ideal for regular use.

Find Your Perfect Gear


    Snow Warrior Suit

    Perfect for extreme cold and snowy conditions, providing full-body protection and ultimate warmth.


    16,000 - 20,000mm waterproof rating


    Offers approximately 90% body coverage


    Highly adjustable with 5 locations of adjustment

    THERMAL 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

    Laminated multi-layered insulation for extreme cold, ideal as a standalone protective layer in freezing temperatures.

    VISIBILITY 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

    Reflective trims around the body


    Cozy Hugger Jacket

    Ideal for chilly weather adventures, offering warmth and comfort without restricting movement.


    Water repellent


    Offers approximately 70% body coverage


    Highly adjustable with 5 locations of adjustment

    THERMAL 🟩🟩🟩⬜⬜

    Single double-sided polar fleece for brisk conditions, perfect as a single layer for maintaining warmth in cool weather.

    VISIBILITY 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

    Reflective trims around the body


    Puddle Jumper Raincoat

    Your go-to choice for heavy rain and wet conditions, ensuring your dog stays dry and stylish.


    16,000 - 20,000mm waterproof rating


    Offers approximately 90% body coverage


    Highly adjustable with 4 locations of adjustment

    THERMAL 🟩⬜⬜⬜⬜

    Thin layer, suitable as a single or outer layer for wet, not overly cold conditions

    VISIBILITY 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

    Thickened reflective trims around the body



How effective is the Snow Warrior Suit in extreme cold?

The Snow Warrior Suit is specifically designed for harsh winter conditions. With its multi-layered insulation and windproof, waterproof outer layer, it keeps your dog warm and protected even in extreme cold and snow.

Can my dog easily pee while wearing the suit?

Yes, the suit is designed with a convenient opening to allow your dog to pee without any hassle. We ensure that comfort and practicality go hand-in-hand.

Can my dog move freely in the Snow Warrior Suit?

Certainly! Despite its robust protection, the Snow Warrior Suit is designed to allow full mobility. The materials and fit are tailored to ensure your dog can run, play, and explore without restriction, even in snowy conditions.

Does the suit have reflective elements for safety during low-light conditions?

Absolutely! Safety is a priority for us. The suit features reflective trims to enhance visibility during low-light conditions, keeping your dog safe during early morning or evening walks.

How do I choose the right size suit for my dog?

To ensure the best fit, measure your dog’s length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail, and their chest girth, then compare these measurements with our sizing chart. If you're between sizes, opt for the larger one. If you're unsure or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help you find the perfect size for your furry friend!

What if the suit doesn't fit my dog? Can I exchange or return it?

Absolutely! If the suit doesn’t fit your dog, we offer an easy return and exchange process. For the fastest service, you can directly reach out to us, and we'll guide you through the steps. Alternatively, you can follow our return and exchange policy guidelines available on our website. We're committed to ensuring that you and your dog are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Katie S
Perfect fit and function

Fits my skinny BorderDoodle perfectly (size small). Easy to put on and take off. Kinda wish the neck hood area was longer to cover more of the head like the raincoats but overall perfect.

Stephanie C
Amazing jacket!

This jacket fits my 70lb German Shepherd so well and keeps her warm and dry in the cold, wintry weather on the east coast! Would highly recommend!


I’m having the worst time getting my boy a snow suit that will fit him just right. I know his measurements and I go based off of the measurements when I order and each time the item comes back for a much narrower dog. This one stated it was for big dogs so I thought I would try it. Although I can at least get it closed it still fits a bit snug and they said it was going to be loose fitting. I recommend anyone with a dog with some width go a size up from what they say and deal with the issue of the length (you can put more elastic in the feet but you can’t add more width). The material is nice and it’s lined for warmth but the fit just isn’t right.

Hi! Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry about the fitting issue! Finding the perfect fit for every unique dog shape can be challenging. Don't worry, we've got you covered with our free exchange policy. If a larger size would suit your boy better, we're more than happy to assist. If you'd like to do the exchange, just let us know!

Two besties

Rosie's best friend Nellie saw her snow warrior suit and wanted one too. Yesterday the 2 girls celebrated Christmas and decided that it was cold enough outside to test out their Snow Warrior Suits.

Snow Suit

My dog loves, loves, loves this suit! He has the wide chest of a bully and really hates extreme temps. We have tried several different suits that were too tight in the chest, didn’t have 4 leg coverage or were not very warm. This suit checked all of Leo’s boxes and he can now happily tag along for those ‘brisk’ walks in the cold and snow!!! We role up the legs because they are too long and they stay . I wouldn’t mind one of these in people size😁